Luxurious brass shelving unit with glass shelves, set against a striking green tiled backsplash. This sophisticated shelving system is perfect for displaying decorative items and drinkware. Features include a built-in brass faucet and sink, enhancing the elegant and functional design of modern kitchens and bars.
Elegant brass shelving unit with glass holders, perfect for modern kitchens and bars. Featuring a sleek black and gold design, this brass shelving system provides stylish and functional storage for glassware. Ideal for showcasing wine glasses and other drinkware in a sophisticated setting.
Modular brass bar shelving unit for home wet bar - Elegant and customizable modular brass bar shelving unit designed for home wet
Custom brass handles
Custom brass bar shelving with glass shelves - Stylish and durable custom brass bar shelving featuring sleek glass shelves, ideal for a sophisticated home bar setup.
TYPE C - Unlacquered, satin brass fittings & brackets Brassshelf
High-end brass shelving for luxury wet bar - Premium quality high-end brass shelving tailored for luxury wet bars, providing both functionality and a touch of elegance.
Elegant brass bar shelving system for modern homes - Beautifully designed elegant brass bar shelving system that complements modern home interiors and enhances your bar area.
Brass shelving for home bar with integrated lighting - Functional and stylish brass shelving for home bars, featuring integrated lighting to showcase your finest spirits.
A luxurious countertop-to-ceiling mount shelving unit made of solid brass, featuring three glass shelves. The unit is elegantly displayed in a home bar area, adorned with premium spirits and champagne bottles, reflecting a sophisticated and modern design. Perfect for showcasing collectibles or creating a stylish storage solution.
Industrial chic brass bar shelving with glass accents - Trendy industrial chic brass bar shelving adorned with glass accents, perfect for adding a modern edge to your bar area.
Durable brass shelving unit for home bar storage - Robust and durable brass shelving unit designed for efficient home bar storage, combining strength with aesthetic appeal.