Solid Brass Fittings and Bars

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Solid Brass

Our brass fittings is made from solid brass only. We do not use plated or painted metal/iron in our products.

Create Your Brass Shelving Unit

Just imagine what do you want to do. Our 5 fittings will help you to do your own design. Also you can order brass rods with fittings too.

Use Wood or Glass In Your Design

What do you want to use your gold seen brass shelving unit? Glass or oak will be good choice.

5 featured fittings we produced


100% satisfaction with the purchase. Emre is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Sure will come back for my next brass project.


Excellent quality & great customer service. Definitely will buy again. Emre is prompt with communication and detail oriented. Great customer service after the items were received and I had questions about assembly and install. As soon as my bar is complete will post pictures.


The quality of work is incredible and he gave great customer service filling my plans to a T. Thank you!