What is the “brass finish”?

One of the important materials of the decoration and furniture world is brass…
This material, which we see as the shining star of latest seasons among all metals, is used in every area from large furniture to decorative objects, from kitchen and service utensils to personal accessories.

Brass can be used in so many different area. Because it has different finishes. Thats why brass pieces appeal to all tastes.

Also it is possible to add dimension to living spaces by choosing brass pieces with different finishes in several decoration styles. So what are these different brass finishes?

We can examine them under 3 main headings. Polished Brass, Brushed Brass, and Unlaquered Satin Brass.

Polished brass is produced by polishing the solid brass for remove the effects of time. The polishing process prevent tarnishing. On this type of finish is very bright and obtained brass is highly reflective. For this reason, it is quite flashy and striking.
It is frequently preferred in designs in bold styles. Users who aim to attract attention in their decoration prefers this finish in their living spaces. It can be use in large furniture and complementary accessories. We see the Polished Finish is most recently on objects such as large mirror frames and decorative vases.

Brushed brass is the most preferred brass finish of recent times. It usually accompanies modern designs and offers a warm look. Since the surface of the brass item is prepared by wiping with steel wool, there are usually small brush marks on the product. But these brush marks are tiny and hardly noticeable. Because of the color it offers, products with Brushed Finish are very common in all kinds of furniture pieces and decorations.

And finally, the brass finish we hear the most is Unlaquered Satin Brass. Although it has the same sofa warm look and matte stance, unlike the brushed finish, it goes through different processes. Unlaquered Satin Brass is not glossy it is matte and offers a nice balance of shine. Unlaquered Satin Brass offers a soft transition. Thanks to its natural stance, it is remarkable as it adapts to any background color such as wood color, gray, dark blue, white and green. After many years of use, brass with a satin finish may look different depending on the environment and usage, but this change is preferred and is generally desired by most users. Unlaquared Satin Brass appears in different forms such as furniture, shelf systems, bar systems, decorative objects, cabinet handles and door handles or knobs.

So those are the finishes the brass pieces. All of them are special in their own way and all of them has own fans.
It is possible to find a brass finish to adapt to every taste, you just choose your decoration style…