The Bookcase Case


Bookcases are functional as well as a big part of decoration. You can use your shelving system not only as book storage, but also add some to color your living space. 

There is a bookshelf to suit any decorating style. Sometimes the this shelving units can be a decoration by itself.

The material preferred in the body of the bookcases also shapes the design. The most chosen one of all times is brass.

Brass bookcases are used in every style like ulacquered satin brass bookcases…This finish of brass go with classical, modern and even industrial designed furniture. Brass gives a more luxurious look to the books you own and all kinds of objects you want to display.

When you use brass on your book shelving unit you can combined with glass. Since it looks elegant and stylish and also sheer, it highlights all the products you display. You can also choose to use wood or marble.

 So how to style your brass bookcase?


Of course, the most functional use of your brass bookcase is to display books. You can create a reading-nook at your home. For this, you can categorize the books you own according to your style. There are different ways to this.

You can arrange them by color, size, genre and alphabet. You can categorize your books by color. You can give each shelf a special color by using book covers. You can give an interesting look to a shelf to line up the books from light to dark. You can also use a single color scale.

Another way is to categorize your books according to their content. Romance, drama, crime fiction, literature, psychology, science fiction… You can categorize books according to content like this.

 There are also different ways of brass shelving use. 

It can be an area where you show your hobbies that you value and want to be visible. You can think of this space as your own showroom. It is an ideal area to display memorable items from your travels, maybe your awards, your lego designs, hobby designs, products you made yourself or your favorite designer, statues, decorative pots or figures…

Also you can place your personal belongings that are memories for you. Products such as photographs and frames will make these areas more personal. Candles in different sizes can provide a soft touch to your space. Of course, vases of different lengths and widths will make the shelves look fuller and add depth. Adding dimension while placing all these is very valuable. When you combine decorative pieces of different heights, you can get a more attractive appearance.

When you show all those pieces in your shelving unit you can also use brass items as well. It will be warm up the space and look tiny bit matched.

In addition to that, another alternative will be plants… With plants, you can add both freshness and elegance to the environment. The place look green and much more alive.

For all this ways you can personalize your living space. Create a much livable area and feeling much more yourself in your home…